Monday, December 17, 2012

We Are Together

We begin our service in New Jersey, this week before the holidays, with our first group of volunteers from the University of California Santa Barbara.
Showing no signs of a 15+ hour travel day on Sunday, the group of 18 volunteers woke up bright and early, ready to rebuild with Atlantic City Americorps in the Brigantine and Atlantic City areas.

After eating breakfast and packing up our lunches, we met together for an official welcome of our volunteers.
In wake of the recent events in Newtown, CT - our CC International Director, Steve Boisvert, touched upon this vital point:

"We are one.  We really are together.  In an event like this, which shakes the nation and really hurts each of our hearts, that is how you know that we are one."

Humanity, compassion, and understanding bring us together to help and comfort each other in times of need.

We have the opportunity at CC International to witness this first hand; as young adults volunteer their time and energy to support communities with their physical strength and fortitude.

We'll keep you updated on our time here in NJ and hope to soon update on the other areas we serve as well.

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