Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Story and A Song

Our group from Rutgers and WPI have begun work at the East Dover Fire Station just a few doors down the road from our volunteer facility (pictures of that to come soon). They've also continued work at the People's Pantry which is scheduled to open this Tuesday, March 5th to serve the needs of the community of Toms River. They've stocked books in a library section, painted the windows, and have cleaned, sorted and organized other parts of the store. Both projects are continuing today.

Check out this story of the Fire House and the beautiful video that was made with the students from WPI and Rutgers.

Check out the pictures below of the painted windows at People's Pantry.

Yesterday, a group of students from WPI also worked with Americorp on beach clean up. Several times, they almost "got into trouble" when police told the groups to get off the beach and out of the streets of Seaside. Police have been protecting areas such as Seaside from looting and any destructive behaviors which have been closed down to homeowners due to dangers of mold, debris, lack of power and water. Once police were informed that the students were volunteers working with Americorp to Restore the Shore, it was all okay and they were able to continue working.
We hope this experience shows the Seaside community that they are supported, still cared for, and that people want to help.

Also a few pictures of students lined up for dinner!

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