Monday, March 18, 2013

"Tired, Awesome, and Dirty. I think that's what Volunteering is though"

The following is a bunch of pictures of the variety of work that has been being done and a view of the magnitude of damage sustained from Superstorm Sandy.  Please note that all of these pictures are recent and not taken from the internet, i.e. there is still work to be done.

This dropbox presentation was shared by the students and staff of Ashford University, showing their service trip in NJ.

Ocean County Park

Ocean County Park

Visitation Relief Center


My Workout Buddies!

Ortley Beach

Learning how to install sheetrock

Seaside Heights - Telephone Poles were just put up recently, bringing power back to the area.

Helping clear belongings for homeowners who will have to raise their homes

Hobart and William Volunteers with the homeowners Barry and Ileana

Rebuild of The Boardwalk

Thank you Penn College for bringing hope to communities of NJ

It is often misconceived that a community hit by a natural disaster is fine once the media stops discussing it.  Rebuild takes 3-7 years.  There are many obstacles and speed bumps that stand in the way of this being a smooth process however the use of volunteers helping non-profits, parks, homeowners, and communities back on their feet is instrumental.  Beyond the work they can accomplish, the last picture says it all, they bring hope. 

We are still rebuilding New Jersey.  Please share.

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