Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are you motivated today??

Thank you Towson, Clemson, Rutgers, Hamilton, Hobart and William Smith, Allegheny, Georgia Tech, and Keene State volunteers. You put us in a great position for our last week, keeping up the momentum of all our groups before you guys and gals. You kept the energy up working in the community while also spending quality time getting to know each other at the volunteer facility.

Today we have started the week off strong. Two groups for Eastern Connecticut College got in yesterday afternoon and jumped write into work with the First Presbyterian Church in Manasquan. They were later joined by Missouri S&T. All groups got a ton of work done for two homeowners.

It was stated by one homeowner that if Scott from Waves of Hope did not come to him and follow through on his word, he was going to give up his home. He had a house fire just 19 months before Sandy and had rebuilt his home. He is now doing it again. Prior to these events, he and his family had gone through multiple life or death scares and understandably so, they are exhausted. He was grateful to have the volunteers there today and how fitting is the picture below of a fortune cookie I opened just this afternoon.

We look forward to this week with our last groups. We aim to put our community partners in a good position with their work orders and in establishing a good flow for deploying volunteers to work effectively in the community.

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