Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thank you Ashford University, Grand Valley State University, WPI, and Rutgers

Ashford, WPI, Grand Valley State University, and Rutgers really gave us a great momentum in Ocean County with their work at multiple homes, the East Dover Fire Company, People's Pantry, and several outdoor projects such as retrailing and removing boardwalk at Cattus Island Park.

This week we welcome volunteers from 9 schools: two groups from Ohio State, Cleveland State University, Wake Forest, Drew, Heartland, Penn College, University of South Carolina, and Mitchell College.

We have dispersed 140 volunteers this Monday in three counties along the New Jersey Shore. I have had the opportunity to reflect on the importance of helping a community in need as I ponder the beauties near my hometown in Massachusetts. To imagine our beach wall and neighborhoods damaged or destroyed would certainly devastate me as I have such fond memories growing up and walking on the Shore throughout all seasons in the year.

Stormy waves often bring the most unique shells and prettiest sea glass. The ocean is calm today yet many families lives are still in turmoil and disarray. I so greatly appreciate the vitality brought by these and so many other volunteers that have stepped out of their comfort zone to meet the needs of this New Jersey community.

I feel so grateful to be involved in such selfless work surrounded by bright and caring people.
I am grateful for this beautiful weather and the opportunity to feel the energy that sunshine and springtime brings.

I hope the community is able to feel this energy from both the sun and the volunteers as the efforts for Sandy relief continue strong throughout this month.

Thank you to all involved.

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